Profitable and Purposeful Social Engagement

Women’s Global Institute (WGI) is an invitational only global network of women entrepreneurs who come together to grow their businesses by creating international, strategic partnerships through “profitable, purposeful social engagement.

Our Vision

The leadership and participation of women at all levels of business is critical to bolstering gender equality, and advancing a peaceful prosperous world. Women’s Global Institute Trade Bureau’s s (WGITB) tagline states our vision succinctly: “Purposeful and Profitable Social Engagement”. We believe enterprise is the cornerstone of an individual’s life and enhances not only the entrepreneur but their family, community, and the world.

What We Do

The Women’s Global Institute Trade Bureau advances women’s businesses by providing access to markets abroad. WGITB’s founder and board members have an expansive partnership network with over 25 years of International Relationships.

As champions of female entrepreneurs, WGITB aid their growth through developmental programs and investment opportunities. We equip emerging entrepreneurs with tool essentials for business success, thus fostering a society that is stronger, harmonious, and equitable.

WGITB’s lead delegations to the destinations where market growth is the most profitable and safe

We Host Exclusive In-Depth VIP salons featuring  thought leaders from various industries that impact the success of entrepreneurs

Get On Board!

Join WGITB and connect with a network of dynamic women. Participate in our timely and substantive conversations throughout the year. Support like yours is critical and enables us to continue our work highlighting emerging leaders